The KonGar Salvage Raid, part 1

2 ABY – 09 Golf – 1 Taungday (Kirian) Cheebs proudly presents C4-BL3 and Kantarra with the custom jumpsuits he had tailored in the Porgatu's new colors (dark grey with burnt orange piping and accents). He also unveils the ship's new logo: a stylized porg, wings outstretched, in green, surrounded in yellow flame (vaguely resembling a logo he saw on Tython). The logo is on the breasts of the jumpsuits as well as both cheeks and the drop ramp of the Porgatu.

Using their Green code, the party lifts off. Kantarra takes them smoothly to orbit while Cheebs double-checks everything – and it's all systems go and in the green. Cheebs plots a course for the main world in the Pirin system (Vaha Nacc's first job site). In transit, C4-BL3 uses his time to repair the damaged B1 battle and upgrade its targeting systems to match the others. Using his ‘Baran-Do' meditation, Cheebs tries to connect with the flood of images and implanted memories he received when he opened the Dai Bendu holocron, but to no avail. He just feels nicely balanced.

2 ABY – 09 Golf – 1 Taungday (Pirin) Arriving in system, Cheebs notices they've mysteriously used 5-10% more fuel on the jump than anticipated, but he just shelves this issue for later investigation. Both Kantarra and Cheebs note that the ship has automatically compensated for their added load of the (empty) cargo container clamped to the Porgatu's belly. Pirin port officials, having duly received and accepted the party's credentials, direct them not to the capital of Othon City but to the lawless opposite side of the planet where their destination lies: the defunct KonGar Shipworks corporation's “Toska Works.” Cheebs takes them down and lands at a pad in front of the derelict facility.

Leaving R3-M3 and all the battle droids to defend the ship, C4-BL3, Kantarra, and Cheebs take repulsorlift crates in to the facility and start exploring. The KonGar Toska Works complex is obviously vast and in a state of ruin from 50 years of neglect. Pirin's flora and fauna has crept into the place, and it's dark and damp and full of furtive noises from rat-like creatures. But in the gloom of the first huge room, C4-BL3 finds a control panel to connect to. He masterfully restarts the power, not just to the lights but to the whole facility! The rat-like creatures scatter into the shadowy corners.

Loading Facility (KonGar Toska Works location 22)

Proceeding cautiously room by room through the rusted-out factory hulk, the party hears faint animal noises coming from a doorway. Bravely taking point as usual, Kantarra steps through into a room that's obviously serving as some creature's lair – a nexu! The ferocious cat-like alien creature snarls and leaps for her. A well-aimed shot from her blaster doesn't stop its predatory bulk. It collides with her, bowling her back through the doorway and landing a glancing bite into the stoic Corellian hunter. Seeing both the comm and the plucky Duro captain ready to fire their weapons at point-blank range, Kantarra braces herself to receive friendly fire. But both find their marks, burning enough holes in the toothy giant cat to leave its furry bulk blasted and smoking on the floor. Brushing off her injury and quickly binding her wound, Kantarra urges them onward.

The party takes quite awhile exploring the facility. Most of it has obviously long since been stripped by countless scroungers, but they do find several caches of value. C4-BL3 easily defeats the electronic locks on seven well-protected crates containing cylinders full of a mysterious orange goo – obviously toxic but otherwise unidentifiable. Another room is filled with well-sorted miscellany, mostly rusted and useless, but among the junk are well-protected avionics and control systems components. The group makes several runs back and forth to the ship to load up on these. And behind a sealed door (again easily defeated by their walking, talking hacker ) they discover a large cache of ingots of some unidentified low-density metal. Again they load up.

Cache (KonGar Toska Works location 18)

The expedition has a few wrinkles. At one point, C4-BL3 climbs to a mezzanine level by himself (clearing a flanking area for the group) and is immediately assaulted by several of the large rat-like creatures. He incinerates one with the heavy blaster built into one of his hands which sends most of them fleeing. But one makes a determined effort, climbing the 's new jumpsuit and tearing into its shoulder area in a fruitless attempt to pierce the 's metallic casing with its teeth. Coming to the 's rescue, Kantarra takes a swing at the filthy creature with her blade but misses, perhaps out of fear of injuring the flailing . Cheebs switches his blaster pistol to its stun setting, thinking maybe this wouldn't affect the (as much) should he miss. But he's again surprised by Lorik's old blaster's accuracy (newly upgraded with laser sights). The white stun ring finds its precise mark, blowing the insensate creature off C4-BL3's shoulder. The others notice the 's optical sensors have blazed red, but they return to their normal color after the swiftly and summarily stomps the life out of the dazed rat-thing.

In a central hallway they find the remains of a C-series protocol droid which has apparently been damaged by a large animal – perhaps the same nexu. Loading the droid's remains into one of their repulsorlift crates, the group notices that the wall behind it has sustained heavy damage from some kind of explosion, but this must've happened well before the droid met its end there. They note the mystery and move on. Elsewhere in the facility they find a strange room containing some kind of emitter apparatus which seems to have fired a beam into a chamber. Inside the chamber, the focal point for the beam appears to have been a receptacle sized to receive one of the cylinders of orange goo. The group makes a recording of this apparatus and continues with their scrounging.

Emitter Chamber (KonGar Toska Works location 19)

Having explored the majority of the facility and having almost filled the hold of their ship's new underslung cargo container, the group comes to a stuck hatchway that's forced open without much problem. Beyond it, across a floor covered with water of unknown depth, they see a large circular structure in the middle of the room. There appear to be no control panels in the room at all, but there are tracks running horizontally around the cylindrical structure. They spot a carriage attached to the tracks with a large sphere standing off it. C4-BL3 postulates this could be some kind of . Cheebs expresses curiosity about what the sphere might contain and proposes using one of their repulsorlift crates to cross the water and investigate. Kantarra, true to form, thinks this sounds like a terrible idea.

Chamber (KonGar Toska Works location 11)

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