The Ruan Connection

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 15 Primeday (Ruan). The Green  drops out of hyperspace in the Ruan System and seeks a cargo based on a tip from Kantarra's old friend on Corellia. is guided to a shared lunar docking bay and attends to the port procedures while Kantarra reaches out to her contact about cargo to the Salliche System.

The bureaucracy that encounters is incredible. He spends most of the morning waiting to meet with a port services bureaucrat to request a service crane to do repairs to the ship. While waiting, he's confronted by a chatty crew person in Salliche Corporation attire and is hassled by the one-eyed Wookie. Unnerved by the whole series of events, is relieved to finally have his number called. He arranges for the equipment and returns to the docking bay.

The circular, open-roof bay (force field protected) contains spaces for six light -sized ships. With the Green is a SoroSuub NESTT transport affiliated with Salliche Corporation, a custom YT-1300H, and a Sinar Utilipede whose vertical wing, like that of the Green Phoenix, poke through the top of field into space. To conduct the “repairs” — which amount to configuring the ship's guns from the fixed wing positions to the turrets — needs to spin the ship so that the engines face the interior of the bay. While performing the maneuver, he's alerted to make an emergency stop as a light  in some kind of distress passes overhead. Nearly missing a collision, is given the go-ahead to complete the spin and land again in the bay. Not long after a explosion occurs in a landing bay opposite from the party.

The party gets to work swapping the dummy guns from the turrets to the wing positions. Kantarra tackles the dummy gun swap with relative ease and picks up some ship maintenance tricks from R3-M3 (Remme) and . Installing the actual guns into the cheek turrets proves to be a challenge for the and Duros, but eventually they succeed even though there are some issues with the mounts and calibration. Linking to two guns together is going to take some time — and maybe dedicated targeting computer more specialized than Remme's knowledge.

With the guns swapped and “engine maintenance” complete, the party returns the repair equipment. While waiting for the cargo to arrive, sees the one-eyed Wookie walking toward the NESTT light with human and crew members. He attempts a friendly hello to the , but discovers that all in helmets tend to look the same…

The cargo of prototype agmech droids arrives and is loaded into the ship with a set of specific security protocols. With shipping instructions in hand and a deadline to meet for Kantarra's side job, the party lifts off for Salliche.