The Importance of Cargo

2 ABY – 06 – 17 Taungday (Salliche). With a cargo of prototype agromech droids for the Development division of the Salliche Corporation, Ban-San Transport and Green Enterprises makes its first run for a major galactic corporation.

As the Green  enters into the system, it immediately encounters a significant Imperial presence. An Imperial and two Carrack Class  starships are in with several Lambda shuttles in flight and TIE fighers on patrol. The crew immediately become tense as they seek clearance to land on the ’s surface. Nearly immediately, the is cleared to land.

Similar to the Imperial arrival procedures on Corellia, the party is instructed to proceed through customs control before conducting any business -side. The ’s security appears to be managed by the Salliche Corporation and with incredible efficiency, the party is cleared and they can arrange for cargo unloading. Returning to the Green , Kantarra arranges for the pickup, transfers responsibility to Cheebs and heads off on planetary transit to see the city.

An hour later Cheebs meets up with the Salliche CorporationIndustrial Development team and they inform him that according to the security procedures in the contract, he will need to accompany the shipment to the research complex. Leaving the Green in Remme’s hands, he accompanies the droids on their final trip to the SallicheAg complex. After waiting for some time within a loading area of the research complex, at approximately 5pm a high-ranking executive, Silus Khel, and his administrative team appear, inspect and personally accept all of the shipments. Ban-San Transport and Green Enterprises is awarded a shipping contract for the fast, safe and reliable transport of the droids from . When the inspection is over, Cheebs is left to make his way back to the Green Phoenix on his own.

Meanwhile, Kantarra explores several sites across the city making her way across town to the SallicheAg corporate headquarters. She then travels to other locations in the area and discovers different patterns of activity. While exploring the SallicheAg research complex, she spots Cheebs within the open loading area speaking with a group of people and then exits to the street. Satisfied with her knowledge of Netassa, she returns to the .

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