The Business

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 18 Zheliday (Salliche). While Cheebs tends to the and dives deeper into what they’ve learned since Tython, Kantarra jumps on the speeder bike to take care of her business on the .

Earlier, Cheebs discovered that the recovered had a number of gadgets embedded into it including a very old communications device of unknown origin. Unsuccessful in his first attempt to use the device, Cheebs set it aside and proceeded to modify the to better fit Kantarra — and to his surprise when looking for it in the afternoon, the and armor were gone along with Kantarra’s mysterious case.

With Kantarra away and concern for a rapid departure looming large in Cheebs’ mind, he and R3-M3 (Remme) opt to try to figure out the device. Working together and using the ’s systems, they are able to patch the device into the comms. First, they are able to decrypt more video from the  Order facility on Tython. They see a dark robed figure apparently barking orders and wielding a similar to the one used against Lorik Feryss.

Using the information unknowingly provided by Cheebs, Kantarra locates an appropriate spot with and a clear line-of-sight to complete her job. She parks the a short distance away and out-of-sight, ready to escape at a moment’s notice. High on a hill overlooking the SallicheAg research complex, she opens the case and assembles her SoroSuub Valken 39ex High-Energy Longblaster. She takes aim and patiently waits. Like clockwork, Silus Khel of SallicheAg appears on the balcony outside of his office. With a single shot and no collateral damage, she finishes her job with professional precision, retreats to , packs the longblaster into its case, and speeds off on the .

Meanwhile… suddenly the communication system of the Green Phoenix springs to life and somehow they’re hearing encrypted communications between a Carrack Class Light Cruiser in (Casisto) and a Gamma Class ATR-6 Assault Transport (Storm Rider). Mildly panicked, Cheebs carefully investigates the two and find that an ATR-6 in an adjacent military service yard mysteriously arrived with significant landing gear damage only shortly before the Green Phoenix’s arrival.

On the encrypted channel, communication increases at a significant rate until an ominous “execute order 92” is heard. Moments later, TIE fighters and units begin to move on the city. Out the cockpit window, Cheebs sees the speeder bike return, undamaged (for once), and it calmly pulls up into the cargo bay — with an -helmeted rider. Kantarra’s business is complete.

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