Quick Exit

2 ABY – 06 – 18 Zheliday (Salliche). As Imperial forces move upon the city, the Green Phoenix casually leaves port but encounters a bit more than the party expected.

The Green Phoenix lifts off from the ’s surface and enters into a holding orbit as instructed by Salliche control. The space around the is filled with an array of Imperial Lambda shuttles and TIE fighters, which appear insignificant to the looming presence of an Imperial and a single Carrack Class  — but not the presence of the Casisto.

Nervously, the party waits for clearance. adjacent to the Green Phoenix that arrived later are systematically cleared, but suspiciously the party’s little is held until it is the only in the holding pattern. Tension rises as the party awaits its departure clearance for Coruscant.

Moments later the crew is commanded to approach the Imperial and prepare for boarding. Cheebs positions the Green Phoenix on an arcing intercept vector with the and then punches the sunlight engines to rapidly accelerate clear of the . Immediately, four TIE fighters descend on the : two from the port side and two aft. Although well out of range, the TIEs fire warning blasts across the Green Phoenix’s bow. Undeterred, Cheebs remains locked on his plan and stays out of range of the ’s tractor beam.

Kantarra preps the systems to return fire. Cheebs swings the assault craft to confuse the TIEs targeting systems and pushes the ’s now archaic inertial dampers to the limit. Crashing and thrashing of gear and equipment can be heard emanating from the main deck below. R3-M3 (Remme) is not happy with what is happening to her , but she’s been through worse before.

Just as two of the TIEs pull within effective firing range, the Green Phoenix slips into on its way to Coruscant never to be seen again, while the Porg finds itself on a path to the Tirahnn System.

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