The Change Artist

2 ABY – 06 – 25 Primeday (Relatta). The Green never arrived at . Meanwhile, the  Porg emerges out of in the Tirahnn System — but it doesn’t. The party finds themselves dropping out in the Relatta System with a very confused and scrambled navicomputer.

The Porg’s navicomputer doggedly insists that it is in the Tirahnn System, but every indication is that the dropped out of a system too early. Needing to regroup after the quick escape from the Salliche System, the party decides to set down on the . While figuring out where the is, a mysterious repeating code on the unknown encrypted channel appears — a beacon.

Receiving landing clearance, the is guided to the only off-world spaceport on the in the equatorial city of Karsteeku. In route, the party learns that the navicomputer’s database is corrupted and will need to be reloaded. R3-M3 (Remme) estimates that it should take appropriately 24 hours to rebuild the database if updated information can be found. Upon landing at the relatively backwater facility, the party is greeted by the customs agent, Nix, a friendly, otter-like Tynnan. Cheebs gets down to business as the Porg is going nowhere without a navicomputer. Nix refers him to Temms for assistance with the latest star charts.

Temms and Cheebs are pleasantly surprised to discover another Duros. With Temms help, Cheebs finds an updated set of star charts and offers to have dinner at some point while side. While talking with Temms, he learns from her that scrambled navicomputers tend to be a common occurrence, especially among that are making long jumps along the lane.

Cheebs returns to the and Remme gets to work. Kantarra keeps thinking about what went down on Salliche — something doesn’t add up.

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