Phaseera Manufacturing

Phaseera is a corporation based solely on Phaseera and has existed since 753 ABY. Phaseera is an outsourcing contractor and as such, only invests improving tooling and processes to provide a greater competitive and quality advantage. In other words, it does not create its own products; it builds, crafts, or creates products for others. It specializes in specific and highly advanced technological and biotechnology products that require mass production precision — from nano-scale to starships. This has proved to be profitable as many corporations and independent designers/developers have come to rely on the Phaseera to bring their products to the market. Through both shrewd deals and goodwill developed over long lasting partnerships, Phaseera have been able to secure a stable income with a fair profit margin.

Many have found the company to be easy to work with. Since its business model is based on bringing good ideas to the market, it often acquires the needed materials without the need of assistance from the inventor. Furthermore, its skilled team of engineers rarely shy away from making minute changes if they notice fatal design flaws after contacting the inventor for approval. Those who work at the company are often branded as mavericks – both by its negotiators and by numerous long-time customers.

Phaseera has expansive facilities across the planet and is known to produce anything ranging from nano biotechnology and mechanical components to large ships and has been open to producing single custom designs of items for the right price. Its production is not limited to the civilian market and on numerous occasions, it has also aided governmental entities with their needs. It has large storage facilities and highly efficient docking bays within integrated customs clearance to ensure that contractors and couriers hired for production work have the raw materials, supplies, and other source goods to ensure uninterrupted production and can pick up the manufactured products without any real risk of delay.

At times, it has taken on jobs which only covers its production costs – while this does not happen often, it is not a rare occurrence either. The Phaseera-based company was not founded with any altruistic intents but it has a history of avoiding doing what has widely been considered to be immoral that to some, can be attributed to lessons learned during the planet's history with the over several millennia. Today, and despite the system's close alliance with the , it has been an eager proponent of preserving free and open markets which has lead to more generous deals with those actively promoting the same interests.

Management & Leadership

This company is not owned by a single individual, but instead by a plethora of smaller shareholders who each have ties to the various academic and research entities on the planet. A strong board of directors has been a characteristic of the company's leadership, which has driven confidence among shareholders for decades. With a good sense of when to apply cold hard logic and when to act on kindness and compassion, the company has found a stable middle ground upon which it has been able to prosper. With plenty of new partners as well as numerous long term partners, Phaseera can be considered to be prosperous and dynamic.

Text, detail and inspiration drawn from Star Wars RP.