Corellian Engineering Corporation

One of the three largest manufacturers in the galaxy, Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) produces a wide range of starships largely focused on the civilian and commercial markets. A vertically integrated, full-service manufacturer, CEC also produces avionics and navigation systems, systems, escape pods, equipment, and propulsion and drive systems available as OEM and aftermarket options.

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Corporate Culture

CEC is a vertically integrated company that prides itself on modularity and customization in the civilian and commercial markets. As such, the company strives to develop components in volume to drive down cost and provide platforms for owners to continuously upgrade and improve their vessels to the needs of their business. CEC does not believe in planned obsolescence; it believes in establishing customers that span generations.

CEC actively acquires companies that can add value to its portfolio such as Corellia .


CEC specializes civilian and commercial starships and systems. In addition, it is often a subcontractor on military and contracts, building vessels from other manufacturers.


CEC's operations are located throughout the Corellia System with offices and support centers at all major shipyard and dry dock locations throughout the galaxy.

Notable Products & Services

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