Eta 2c Actis Class Starfighter

The Kuat Systems Engineering Eta 2c Actis Class is a heavily customized variant of the Order Eta 2 Actis interceptor. Although visually similar to the prototype Eta 3 Nebulous Class medium /interceptor, the Eta 2c is a catch-all for the wide range of racing craft constructed from scrapped Eta 2 light interceptors.

Contracts to Kuat Systems Engineering to build the Eta 2 were canceled in 19 BBY upon the fall of the Order. With the fall, Kuat Systems Engineering focused its efforts toward other fighter products to challenge the development of the TIE series by Sienar Fleet Systems. As a result, hundreds of Eta 2 interceptors disappeared into the gray/black market and a few later emerged as racers.

No two Eta 2c interceptors are alike. The most common variation involved abandoning the rare and difficult-to-maintain transport ring for a fixed compact configuration aft of the cockpit. It is not uncommon to find a pair of small Rendilli Star Drives or SoroSuub knockoff hyperdrives permanently affixed to interceptor to eliminate the need for the ring. The drives make use of the limited navicomputer, however most pilots fly with an astromech. Because the Eta 2 was not designed with a fixed in mind, emerging from can be a tricky proposition as the tends to pitch and yaw before engaging its sublight engines. To date, no one has developed a way to fully compensate for all of the capabilities of a transport ring in the Eta 2. It is believed that the Eta 3 Nebulous prototype solved this problem, but how is unknown since the variant never entered production and schematics were lost or destroyed.

NOTE: Pilots who need to make immediate maneuvers when dropping out of to engage in combat, avoid debris, etc. will have one (1) difficulty die of their Piloting, Space check change to a CHALLENGE die for 2 rounds. Pilots who have a level 2 or higher of Piloting, Space do not suffer the CHALLENGE penalty; difficulty is normal. In addition, pilots who possess the Move ability do not suffer the CHALLENGE penalty as stabilizing the transition from to sublight tends to “just happen” for individuals possessing this ability.

True racing variants eliminated the systems to reduce weight. A stage 1 modification is to remove the guns, which is the most common modification and is often reversible. Beyond that, the process becomes more complicated and reduces the ability to reverse the modifications. Stage 2 involves removing the fire control package and stage 3 involves a full demilitarization of the craft starting with the reconfiguration of the energy distribution system.

The original Eta 2 interceptors operated with transponders, which has proved to be a liability for these modified starships. So to not be confused with actual starfighters and incurring the wrath of Imperial authorities, SoroSuub quickly saw an opportunity and established a program to retrofit new transponders into the vintage . Few operate with -era transponders today; most use a new SoroSuub or operate with a disabled unit, the latter occurring typically in the Outer Rim territories or in areas well beyond Imperial control.

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