Renee Wazertiz

Renee Wazertiz is a senior investigative and field reporter for INN. She is best known for uncovering stories that show an edgier and sometimes darker side of government, including the .

Renee is not known for shying away from controversy and conflict. For her piece, Missing Twi'lek Mystery Solved – Imperial Slavery on Balmorra, she went undercover within a slave convoy and infiltrated various levels of local government to get the story. She incriminated the government, noting that official Imperial scout troopers were assigned to guard the convoy, and outlined the horrid living conditions of the slaves. She offered an account a heroic group of freedom fighters who rescued her and the slave survivors. She concluded her story by inferring that the “ does not like those who defend the weak and the marginalized.”

Her investigative nature has been known to irritate both political and military elements of the . Since the outbreak of civil war, she has been chasing down local myths that appear to have gained real traction in the eyes of locals. This has led her to disappear for months on end, only to resurface to publish an in-depth exposé that captures the attention of the galaxy.

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