Dmitry Koketch

Dmitry Koketch is a senior anchor and managing economics editor for INN. He is a recognizable figure to INN viewers and is generally considered as the “face” of the network across the Core Worlds and Inner Rim. When not anchoring regular transmissions, Dmitry focuses his attention toward reporting on galactic economics, trade, and corporate activities.

When away from the INN headquarters in the System, he is often found broadcasting from -sponsored trade summits or from the campuses of galactic corporations. His most recent field broadcast brought him in the Salliche System and the campus of SallicheAg, where he was the first to report on the assassination of Silus Khel, Chief Industrial Development Officer. As reported by Dmitry, Imperial investigators concluded that the attack on Khel was motivated by an internal power struggle within the company. The loss of Khel would have little effect on the relationship between SallicheAg and the .

Dmitry is a strong proponent of the Imperial economic model, and often reports on the economic impact of the conflict between the and the terrorist organization known commonly referred to as the .