Ubese Scout Captain

are generally known as mysterious wanderers and nomadic savages. Their xenophobic nature make them ideally suited for professions such as mercenaries or bounty hunters. Normally, they are a very aggressive people, though loyal to one another (or their contracted employer). As such, often serve as hired guns and mercenaries charged with capturing or neutralizing a specific target. When on a mission, one or more Scout Captains lead an hunting party. Common attire includes cloak-like wrappings that cover and an environmentally-sealed .


Characteristics & Detail
SoakWound THStrain THMelee DefRanged DefForce

Brawl (BR) 2, Computers (INT) 1, Coordination (AG) 2, Discipline (WILL) 2, Lightsaber (BR) 3, Mechanics (INT) 1, Melee (BR) 3, Perception (CUN) 1, Resilience (BR) 2, Vigilance (WILL) 2


Droid: does not need to sleep, breathe, eat, etc.; Deflection Stance 1: enters a stance that makes the droid take 1 SETBACK to any attacks it makes, but grants an additional +2 RANGED DEFENSE; Adversary 2 (FaD 138) Upgrade the DIFFICULTY of any combat check targeting this droid once per rank.


Applies the Sith warrior style of fighting and fights with two weapons by default.

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