Ubese Tracker

are generally known as mysterious wanderers and nomadic savages. Their xenophobic nature make them ideally suited for professions such as mercenaries or bounty hunters. Normally, they are a very aggressive people, though loyal to one another (or their contracted employer).

Typically Trackers are the scouts of an hunting party. Common attire includes cloak-like wrappings that cover and an environmentally-sealed . often serve as hired guns and mercenaries charged with capturing or neutralizing a specific target and report to an Ubese Scout Captain.


Characteristics & Detail
SoakWound THStrain THMelee DefRanged DefForce

Cool (PR) 3, Lightsaber (BR) 1, Ranged Heavy (AG) 2, Vigilance (WILL) 2


Adversary 1 (FaD 138) Upgrade the DIFFICULTY of any combat check targeting this droid once per rank


Droid: does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, etc.

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